Hotel SUHAS building in the heart of famous commercial Mapusa town of Goa


                 The owner of the hotel is a professional civil engineer having social affiliation so, he has designed this hotel in in the year 1981, in such a way that it fulfils the need of lower and middle class people of every corner of our country who want to see Goa but yet, they apprehend their financial ability.

                 It is situated near Mapusa Municipality, in the heart of the Mapusa, the most commercially famous city of Goa, Being in the heart of the city, is the most crowded area with all types of city amenities around. The building it self is a 6 storied with basement for few two and four wheeler car parks, Ground floor shopping centre and Restaurant, I, II & III floors are hotel rooms and the terrace floor for entertainment at leisure.

                Since it is design for the large number of people to accommodate, it is well equipped with plenty of sanitary facilities so much so that no one will have to ever wait for others to finish. Every room having been self contained, there are four toilets and dozens of wash basins on every floor. Round the clock hot and cold water, especially to drink there is aqua guard purified water. Those groups who want to cook their own food can also be given kitchen at the moderate charges.

                Almost all the essential amenities are provided in each room such as coir foam mattresses on the beds, chair & writing table, tea poys, fan, attached toilet with wash basin outside the toilet yet inside the room so that at a time two persons can simultaneously perform toilet activities inside the room while others can use the toilets and wash basins out side in the passage. Every rooms up to 6 bedded are having T.V.s and other big rooms like dormitories can commonly enjoy the T.V. either in the conference hall or on the terrace.                        

                 The entire building is having two entrances front and the rear and altogether three staircases for the safety purposes. There are two huge overhead water tanks on the terrace and one in the sump to maintain uninterrupted water supply.

                 Having allround facilities, the hotel room tariff is convincingly cheap at the best of the amenities. So the people who want to enjoy crowded city life with all essential amenities in the typical commercial city of Goa, yet at the cheaper rate, are welcomed to this hotel.      

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