The Tariff of hotel SUHAS mapusa  & calangute are mentioned hereunder with the instructions of booking which may please be read carefully and act accordingly. In case of any doubt you may call on mobil 9822100701

Head Office-HOTEL SUHAS-Mapusa city


NEAR OLD MUNICIPALIY,_____________________­__________________________­­­­_______TOURISM DPT.                         MAPUSA, GOA,_______________________________________________________________GOVT. OF GOA,

PIN 403 507._________________________________________________________________REG. NO.  921/C

0832 Ph: 2262700 fax: 2262497

7588441011/  75884410112  (office)

9923391543 (Manager)

9822100701/ 9326868453 (Prop.)



(w.e.from 1st April 18 to 31st March 19 )

        All rooms with attached toilet


                                               Period ------>


Off season


7/6 to 30/9


(all other period)

Peak Season (15 and 8 days resply. from 1 day after )




6 beded sharing dormitory without T.V. per person        





Single occupancy Sp. Room attached with T.V.





Double occupancy Sp. Room attached with T.V.





Extra person in above room with bed-mattress each





3 beded room attached with T.V.

Rs. 880/-

Rs. 980/-

Rs. 1120/-

Rs. 1290/-

4 beded room attached with T.V.

Rs. 1010/-

Rs. 1160/-

Rs. 1340/-

Rs. 1590/-

5 beded room attached with T.V.

Rs. 1140/-

Rs. 1340/-

Rs. 1560/-

Rs. 1890/-

6 beded room attached with T.V.

Rs. 1270/-

Rs. 1520/-

Rs. 1780/-

Rs. 2190/-

10 beded ecconomy group hall attached without T.V.





12 beded ecconomy group hall attached without T.V.





Extra pers./child > 3.5' ht. adjusted in above Room without bed-mattres each       





Note:  Above rates are inclusive of all taxes. The passage of every floor, is having 4 toiletls and dozons of     

             wash basins apart from each room being attached toilet. Round the clock hot water facility and

             dinking water is of aquagaurd. 


(1) Before booking, kindly see in the image gallery, all the photographs of hotel, it’s location, surroundings, inside

      and outside of rooms and the correct situation from the google satellite map and having satisfied, proceed.

(2) Agents may take their reasonable commission or service charge etc., 10 % maximum above our rates mentioned in

     `tariff card’ which, is displayed on the tariff card displayed above and on the `tariff board’ of both `hotel SUHAS,

     Mapusa’ and `Hotel SUHAS, Calangute’.. 

(3) Availability of required rooms may be enquired on the following 3 lines 7588441010/2 lines and 9326868453 and

     after availability, `non-refundable’ payment, worth of one day tariff, plus Rs. 50/- for bank’s NEFT/ECS charges, may

     be made soon in any one of the following banks, in cash, or any type of transfer of fund by `net-banking’ on line.

     favouring HOTEL SUHAS,

            1) Current A/C No. 180102000001359 IDBI bank, Mapusa branch, Goa. IFSC code: IBKL0000180

      OR 2) Current A/C No. 510101003379972 Corporation bank, Mapusa branch, Goa. IFSC code: CORP0000198

      OR 3) Current A/C No. 02022560002310 HDFC Bank, Mapusa branch, Goa. IFSC code: HDFC0000202

      OR favoring SUHAS NAIK,

           4) Savings A/C No. 180010100031523 Axis bank, Mapusa branch, Goa  IFSC code: UTIB0000180       

      OR 5) Savings A/C No. 11020175329 State Bank of India. Mapusa branch, Goa. IFSC code: SBIN0000513

      OR 6) Savings A/C No. 370102010005001 Union Bank of India, Mapusa branch, Goa. IFSC code: UBIN0537012

      OR 7) Savings A/C No. 100510110003802 Bank of India, Mapusa branch, Goa. IFSC code: BKID0001005 

      OR 8) Savings A/C No. 4004000100026542 Panjab National Bank, Mapusa br. Goa. IFSC code: PUNB0400400

      OR 9) BHIM SBI Pay A/C No. 10206877246 IFSC code: SBIN0005357 linked to Mob.No.9326868453 of Suhas B. Naik

       OR 10) Google Pay linked to Mob. No.  9822100701 of Suhas B. Naik

 (4) After aforesaid payment in one of the aforesaid banks, you will obtain deposit-slip from your bank, which you will have

     to bring with you while checking in. In case of net banking, the ackhnowledement you get from your bank may be

     forwarded to our  OR at least inform us on any one of the following 3 lines 7588441011/2

     lines and 9168607701

(5) On any one of our above 3 lines, give your date as questioned by our staff members which shall be displayed on our website   under the sub-head of `Booking Confirmation’ 

(6)  Check the said data on our website and bring to the notice of our office mistake if any which shall be corrected.

(7)  Please check the location plan of our hotel which is shown in our image gallery which will enable you to locate hotel easily.

(8)  You make check google satelite map as well to locate precisely our both 'hotel SUHAS' at Calangute and Mapusa. Otherwise,          for locating Calangute hotel, call Nos. 9158881461/2 (lines) or 9822100701. For locating Mapusa hotel, call 7588441011/2              (lines) or 8390917230 during office hours or 9822100701 (24 hours)

Check in: 9.00 a.m, check out: next 9.00 a.m. Children above 3 ½ feet height are treated as chargeable persons.

IMP. NOTE: In case after booking if, any one does not check in on the day of arrival within 12 hrs. from the

time of check in, the booking is liable to be cancelled without any refund of payment.   

OUR HEAD OFFICE PHONES: Code (0832) Ph. 2262700, 2254322, Tel/Fax 2262497,                    

Mob: 9923391543(Mangr), 9765167754(Gen Mangr), 7588441011/2 lines, 9168607701 (Exclusively for booking in office hours),        9822100701(Proprietor in case of any help-24hrs.)    Email:   of


Suhas B. Naik, Proprietor, Hotel SUHAS

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